Spiritual Midwives

What are Spiritual Midwives?

Spiritual midwives are women that have been trained to assist in providing healthy spiritual pregnancies and spiritual deliverance. Midwives can identify the signs of conception and pregnancy. By the revelation of the Holy Spirit, we see and understand the physical discomfort, pain and mental pangs of someone’s spiritual pregnancy. As we identify these ailments as more than just someone’s frustrated life, we are able to mentor a person to ensure a healthy deliverance.  Midwives can and will change generations. They are equipped to war on behalf of  families and communities.

Many of us know the enemy is always looking for the chance to kill, steal and destroy.  Midwives operate from Ezekiel 16:4-5. Spiritual midwives have the authority to cut the enemy’s cords of destruction from choking the destiny from the lives of people.  With their prayers, they wash individuals by the power of the Holy Spirit, decree that they are the salt of the earth, and then cover them in the blood of Jesus!

Women of Deliverance’s  mission is found in Isaiah 61:1-3 and our calling is two fold. There’s no question that God gives life; He gives it to us naturally as breath, but spiritually as dreams, callings in ministry, and gifts and talents. We recognize that there is a mandate from God to be like the most famous biblical midwives, Shiphrah and Puah, and save God's people. Women of Deliverance answers the call of God and wears the mantle as we train women to be spiritual midwives not only in church, but in their personal lives, their families and in communities.  We are dedicated to raising up deliverance warriors and winners!


What is Spiritual Midwife Training?

The Spiritual Midwife Training is a mentoring class that helps women identify their gifts and propels them into ministry on a higher spiritual level.  By teaching the bible from a perspective that relates to the everyday woman we are able to bulldoze barriers that keep women from fulfilling the call on their lives!  Our training will unlock strategies that will help you be better mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, and friends!  Apostle Robbin and her team will teach you the tools to become wiser and more victorious with every assignment God has given you.  Live life to the fullest!

As a spiritual midwife trainee, you will learn the importance of the birthing process in the natural and relate it to the spiritual as God our Father did in Ezekiel 16.  We also follow the Commission in Isaiah 61:1-3. The training class will introduce you to the powerful tools needed to WAR in the Spirit and to be an available instrument used by God to help others

Since 2010 we have held monthly training classes in Southern New Jersey. What was usually a 9 month course has been redesigned into a 3 day intensive training seminar as God has called us to spread our wisdom with as many women (and men) that desire it.  

We are willing to travel from city to city and across state lines!  We look for a minimum of 12 women to be registered so that we can get our team together to travel. 



What Does Spiritual Midwife Training Teach?

Our spiritual midwife classes train women (and men) with biblical principles, tools and methods in caring for spiritual births, newborns and spiritual surgeries. At the end of our classes, each spiritual midwife will master these 8 topics. 


    Spiritual midwives are confident in who God called them to be. Because they know who they are, they know what warfare to expect from the enemy. They know their strengths and their weaknesses. They are aware of their values, fears, passions and are honest about what hinders them. They know their boundaries and how to encourage themselves.

    Spiritual midwives know that two can put 10,000 to flight (Deuteronomy 32:30). They know the worth of relationships and remain loyal, committed and honorable to them. They know how to lovingly fight for relationships, restore broken relationships and how to build strong, intimate relationships. Lastly, they are equipped with methods of conflict resolution and confidentiality.

    A spiritual midwife understands that the birthing process is a journey. They know that their wounds and irritants lay the foundation to producing great fruit and their fruit produces an awesome and inspiring testimony. They know they overcome by their testimony and that it produces great ministry. They know they cannot produce until an irritant, trial or tribulation is present.

    The office of a spiritual midwife allows them to coach pregnant members of the body of Christ through a healthy birthing process. The midwife also has biblical principles for caring for a newborn. With these principles they can cut off and break old habits and curses. They have the ability to cleanse and wash away lingering familiar spirits with the authoritative water of the Word of God. A spiritual midwife labors with others to preserve their anointing, gifts, talents and Godly lifestyle while equipping them to stand against the wiles of the enemy. A spiritual midwife covers and protects newborn ambassadors, saints, newfound anointing, ministries, Kingdom/Faith Based Organizations, etc.

    A spiritual midwife must be honest, open and transparent with God to allow the Holy Spirit to surgically remove some things that hinder them from ministry. They also know how to care for those who must go under the surgeon's knife. Many times surgery will deal with the heart, for out of it flows the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23). They understand sensitivity and the ability to soothe are one of the most important qualities in the delivery and/or recovery room.

    A spiritual midwife can operate in whatever capacity is needed at the time. The office often calls for much intercession, but a midwife must also be a watchman. However, there are times that a midwife must be a souled-out worshipper. Although they may be stronger and more comfortable in one area, they must be able to adapt and work in all three areas.

    Any woman that has been pregnant knows that before you even get to the delivery room there are struggles with pains (physical discomforts) and pangs (mental discomforts). A spiritual midwife knows how to ease both pangs and pains with spiritual and natural methods. During training, midwives are asked a series of questions to help develop their spiritual emergency kit. This kit is part of their practical methodology to stay on track, never give up and make it happen.

  8. IS A DSW
    A spiritual midwife knows the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. They know they are a target. In Revelations 12, a woman is facing a 7 headed dragon with 10 diadems that is trying to intimidate her by threatening to eat her baby when she delivers. She never draws a sword, but is a DSW. What is a DSW? It's not the shoe store, but it's a DRAGON SLAYING WOMAN! A spiritual midwife knows that when they stay focused and connected to God, obey His instructions, and follow His pathway then they never have to fight the dragon. God gives them a way of escape that makes them victorious.


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