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For 7 years, Women of Deliverance's Spiritual Midwife training lasted for 9 months! 

During a 9 month period and beginning in February, classes met once a month to learn about Spiritual Midwifery.

Many came to find that the course seemed to mimic a spiritual pregnancy - inclusive of pregnancy symptoms!

All lessons were and still are derived from the Bible with sufficient scriptures for studying.

Towards the end of training, women were responsible for writing their biography for ministry and a  letter of intent for ministry directed to God. 

ActiveMembers of the 9 Month Course

Class One - 2010

Class Two - 2011


Class Three - 2012

Class Four - 2013

Class Five - 2014 

Class Six - 2015

Class 7 - 2016

Class 8 - 2018

Class 9 - 2019


Unpictured Members List

Once a graduate of Women of Deliverance's Spiritual Midwife class,
you are always considered part of Women of Deliverance.

Melanie Harrington

Hope Marsh

Linda Cobb

Shelly Williams

Denise Cash

Tamika Floyd

Myra Lewis

Cathy Alexander

Landis Compton

Elsie Lampson

Winnie Harrison

Rebecca Cooper

Sheena Carson

Tasha Fikes

Cynthia Sanders

Yvonne Knox

Kathleen Burnside

Lisa Diane Hall

Cynthia Chapple

Lisa Thompson

Lenora Hampton

Cassandra Cherry-Davis