Spiritual Midwife Class


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This year the Spiritual Midwives are enlarging their territory! 

This upcoming year will be a bit different than our previous 7 years.  Instead of having a monthly class meeting, we will have a 3 day seminar followed by a graduation.

We are also looking for Midwife Representatives! 
Host a 3 day seminar at your church and you will go through 6 spiritual midwife classes with Apostle Robbin in your home church. We love to travel so don't be shy, sign up!


Enroll As a Spiritual Midwife

We have had interest in our Spiritual Midwife class from women in South Africa, Florida, South Carolina, Illinois, Georgia and New Jersey!

We want to come to you next! Fill out the registration form and invite your friends to do the same! Spiritual Midwives are NEEDED in your area. You can be the one to make a difference in someone’s life.

Spiritual Midwives Have Authority To Transform:

  • Broken to mended

  • Hurting to soothed

  • Successful to fulfilled

  • Apathy/Passionless to Joyous

We have seen God do amazing miracles for women who have attended our 3 day class. It’s time you saw it too! Become a Spiritual Midwife and see how God will begin to use you mightily in the areas of discernment and spiritual warfare.

Spiritual Midwives:

  • Cut cords of wickedness and destroy evil altars

  • Break strongholds and generational curses

  • Eliminate poisonous thinking, actions, and attitudes

  • Identify and cast down the enemy’s plans for destruction

We look forward to meeting you!

Become a Midwife Representative

This means that you will host class with a minimum of 12 women at your church (or other location) for 3 days so Apostle Robbin can teach the principles of becoming a spiritual midwife. You will be the contact person for your location and will help keep the women up to date throughout the year until graduation. Count yourself as the first of 12! 

  • Fill out the Midwife Representative Form online once you have the names of 12 women.

  • Once confirmed, have the 12 women fill out their spiritual midwife application online. 

  • The women should list your name as their midwife representative

  • Women may bring oil and/or honey to be blessed

  • Please have the women collectively provide Saturday’s lunch

  • WOD will provide Saturday continental breakfast

*Having each woman fill out an application online allows Women of Deliverance to keep an accurate count of the number of women attending the course.*

2019 Midwife Survey

Where Should Spiritual Midwives Visit Next?

*If you fill out the form, please watch your email closely for our response.*

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