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Cover Girl Ready

Cover Girl Ready

Are you God's next top model? What have you been modeling lately - to the world, to your children, to your co-workers, to the body of Christ? God made you in His image, so you have what it takes to be the next model for Christ!

However some of us haven't allowed God to use us for a long time or at all! We have never fully submitted ourselves to His will. It is in His will that we find out what our true purpose and assignments are.  He's looking for willing vessels and life can sometimes cause us to doubt our ministry. Yes you have ministry! You just need an Extreme Spiritual Makeover!

God tells us in His word that He will give us beauty for ashes. A spiritual makeover shouldn't just involve the outside appearance. Why does it seem like we are covering up our ashes with make up? We are so focused on our outside appearance that we can neglect our inside beauty. We get our hair and nails done on a regular basis, we take good care of our skin and prevent wrinkles and blemishes, we work on our affirmations and encouraging ourselves to soar but we when we get to the table of opportunity we lack the character and integrity to keep us there.  Instead of beauty falling freely from our mouths, we spew out ashes.  Come get some Beauty from the Inside Out!

Our insides aren't just spiritual, but natural. How can we be whole in our spirits and have holes in our natural bodies? Many of us suffer from various illnesses due to poor eating habits and genetically modified food. How can God's people do the work we have been called to do if we don't feel good or are sick? We need to go back to our Organic Makeup so that we are living a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.  Learn how to reverse ill effects from poisonous food. 

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